Play Like you have never played before!

20 Refurbished Lanes with Top of the Line Management Software, Upgrades, and Furnishings.

Bes X Scoring System

Upgrade your bowling experience with one of our packages!

  • Customize your lane with different experiences like Ocean or Fairytales

  • Watch yourself celebrate a Strike with Youtoons!

  • Play mini games like Monster Factory or Bowlin Hood!

Send your scores right to Facebook or text your friends in other lanes using the social features built into our lanes!

Hyper Bowling

Bowling like you’ve never seen it before! Engage the full LED bumpers to play games like Hyperbowl, Hyperbowl Pro, Hypersquad, and HyperActive! Hit the specific colors on the bumpers to multiply your score and win big against your friends!


Have fun while you wait! Play in our 40-game arcade to win tickets you can trade in for awesome prizes at our redemption counter!


Bowling shoes available for rent, socks available for purchase.